Fond farewell to a Rebel stalwart

Without giving anyone a heart attack for making this sound like an obit we’d like to wish Clare Schmierer a very fond farewell and all the best as she leaves Melbourne, bound for sunnier, ermm, no, greener pastures in Hobart.  Claire is taking up a new job in Tasmania but will be, hopefully,  a frequent visitor back on our shores.

Claire has scored for juniors, seniors & masters in more games than anyone can possibly count or remember and is a true legend of the club and the epitome of what it is to be a Rebel and part of this family.  We will all miss her immensely, and Honey too of course,  but we hope she knocks the new job out of the park and that all those she meets down south come to love and cherish her a much as we do.

Bon voyage Claire!

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