350th game – Bruce Barnes

While a sense of style and fashion may have passed this player by there is no doubt as to his loyalty to the Rebels. Congratulations Bruce on an amazing club and personal milestone.

Tribute courtesy of Andy Malthouse 

Who Am I?

I have been a huge contributor to the club for many years. I have been the secretary and have also managed a team or two.
I have a number of Sam Bats but are too afraid to use them so swing a Demarini. I am the owner of two mitts, one for infield and one for the outfield.

I love to buy cleats that have maroon and gold on them. I am the owner of some very horrible gold sweat bands and think it is fashionable to wear 3/4 playing pants. I have many MLB Guernsey’s but support last year’s runners-up.

I have hit 5 home runs in my many years at the Rebels. One of them a Grand Slam. I have provided the club with a number of historical highlights, although none is more impressive than what I achieved this year.
I can play all positions except for catching. I am a consistent performer and have come into my own over the past few years as a very talented pitcher. I am a very solid outfielder and play a pretty good shortstop as well.

This is my 25th year at the club, and in that time I have gathered 284 hits from 943 at-bats at an average of 301. Scored 257 times and hit in 216 others. I have hit 5 home runs, been walked 133 times and stolen 107 bases. I will return them when I retire. I usually play centerfield, pitch or shortstop.
I go by many nicknames but the most common is Gibbo.
I wear the number 22 and was voted in as a life member in 2012.
My name is……….

Bruce Barnes.

For those unaware, this week, Bruce will be playing in his 350th  game for the Rebels. He will be only the 3rd person in our club’s short history to achieve that goal. He had his first game for the club back in 1993 and was a premiership player in 1995, 1999, 2001 and 2006. He also went to America with the U16 Victorian team in 1995 as an assistant coach.

Since I have known Bruce, he has been one of my best friends and will be a mate for life. I love him as a brother. He is a great club man, always helping with umpiring when he can and an active member of the committee for who knows how long.
A lot of us have some very fond memories playing baseball with Bruce and I hope there are many more still to be had with this quirky, funny guy.

Congratulations Bruce on reaching 350 games. What a milestone and I wish you all the best on Saturday.

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